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Mortgage Basics for Millennials

Ask most millennials below the age of 30 what the powerhouse of the cell is, and you’ll get a straight answer (it’s the mitochondria). Ask them about conforming or non-conforming

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All You Need to Know about Alimony

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is the financial support of a spouse provided by the other spouse after a divorce. Divorce can cause economic instability to at least one

demolition project

The Aspects that Make Demolition Projects Work

Extending the lifespan of old structures often can do more harm than good. When an old building has lived its purpose for more than 100 years, architects and civil engineers


The Future Office: Technologies Businesses Need

Technology is essential in any business because without it, a company risks falling behind. With the right systems and tools, your business could boost productivity, improve customer service, and beat


What Not to Do during a Deposition

Depositions are crucial parts of litigation and can often change the course of a case. If you’ve been summoned for a statement, here are some of the things you must

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5 Signs You’re Ready For a Healthcare Franchise

Franchising a healthcare and medical facility is not only a golden opportunity for businessmen; it is also a beneficial move for the community. However, being a successful healthcare franchisee is

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A Basic Look at the Noble Hops

Unlike wine connoisseurs, beer lovers (or, if you want to be fancy, cicerone) aren’t particularly picky about a brew’s origin. After all, a traditional English Ale is going to be judged

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