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A Good Retirement Requires Meticulous Planning

Your pension and savings can determine if you live in luxury or squalor. In the UK, the average worker holds a pension pot worth around £60,000. Annuities will provide £3,000

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Six Effective Strategies to Cope with Depression

Nowadays, no one is a stranger to depression. Characterized by insomnia, loss of interest in activities, lack of appetite, and extreme sad phases, the symptoms of depression can range from


Entering the Healthcare Industry: Careers to Consider

The COVID-19 pandemic put a well-deserved and long-overdue spotlight on healthcare workers. They are the modern-day heroes who have been at the front lines of this still raging pandemic. Their work

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How Music Education Has Adapted to the Pandemic

Because of limitations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, schools had to reinvent how they teach music. No more face-to-face lessons, student performances, and physical rehearsals are just a few

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