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Bail Bondsman: Financiers of Freedom

Whenever children are asked about what professional title they wish to have when they grow up, answers are usually consistent and similar. Doctors, nurses, teachers, chefs, lawyers, police officers—these titles

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Bailing a Friend Out: Would You Do It?

It happens to the best of us. We can lose control of ourselves, and it could result in breaking the law. It could be that time when you felt so

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Car Accidents: What Should You Do After?

Dealing with a car accident may seem easy until you get into one. There are a lot of emotions and stress going around, so it may be hard for some

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Drunk Driving: Why It is Always a Bad Idea

Auto accident attorneys in Everett, Washington, will agree that drunk driving is a significant problem in law enforcement as well as public safety. Several lawsuits can be avoided if drunk

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3 Reasons to Get a Paralegal Certificate

Everybody knows what a lawyer is – a person who defends a client or prosecutes an accused person. But not everyone is aware of what a paralegal does or that

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